kamal Papanasam movie release On July 17

On July 17, the release of Kamal Papanasam?

In the recently released starring Kamal ‘perfect villain’ has been running successfully in movie theater. The opposite Kamal pujakumar, Andrea starred. The main character in the film also starred the late poi. The continued success of the film starring Kamal ‘Papanasam’ film is ready for release.

The movie is to be released on July 17, have been reported. Papanasam kavutami starred opposite Kamal. Malayalam film starring Mohanlal Meena-released tirisyam ‘movie rimekkakum. Tamil remake of Malayalam film directed by Joseph Jeetu directed.

Currently ‘tunkavanam’ Kamal is doing. The crime thriller film starring opposite Kamal, Trisha is evolving.