36 Vayadhinile Film Review and Rating

Movie Rating: [usr=3.5]

Jyotika government has been working on the task. Her husband Rahman FM. The main responsibility has been working in radio. Amrita, whose daughter is studying in school.

Jyotika naive and 36 years old, is very innocence. Her husband likes it for Rahman. She does not know anything that has no value on Jyotika.

In the meantime, he did not like to see the work go to Ireland seeking work there. With family appeal for a visa to Ireland.

One day at school studying Jyotika The President’s daughter arrives. Then his mother told him, asking a question that is asked of them and ask a question Amrita.

We asked that question to the President of the Republic, she came to see me to tell your mother. The answer is that He sends word to say.

The President wants to meet immediately with the news Jyotika paravivitukiratu across the country. However, there is little fear of the ego to Jyotika.

Panic mixed with fear that he will meet with President Jyotika health vicarittatume, Jyothika falls down unconscious.

This causes the cirippalaiyai everyone. Paravivitukiratu incident throughout the country. Jyothika mocked on social networks, and release a lot of ideas.

This comes from the value of the already Jyotika husband Rahman and teased in school will suffer Amrita’s daughter also causes frustration on Jyotika.

Amrita refuses to go to school the following school kintalatippat friends. Rehman had applied for a visa to work in Ireland, where now found. In addition to the lacquer gets visa to the daughter.

We did not get a visa for the Jyotika. The 36-year-old to 36-year-old girl Jyotika akivittapati can not go abroad to work in accordance with the terms of his visa rattakivitukiratu only.

So Jyotika rakumanum left alone, people are able to go abroad with his daughter. Jyotika this situation meets the college girlfriend Apirami Jyotika. View wronged her situation.

But the really revolutionary Jyotika college season, warm woman, and the woman had been counseling others.

But after the wedding, husband, child, just to suppress the inhibition of tumor that took place after the bundle has changed all that. But it has brought her to the point that no Apirami she explains.

Also, she’s just in great condition that triggers the varttaikalaltan Apirami, taken to Jyotika says. Persuades her to have to switch back to the old Jyotika.

At the end of the marinara Jyotika old Jyotika? She belongs with her family again strayed? His first question to the President? Mitikkatai that.

36-year-old girl Jyotika shines. Put a little bit of gray hair on her head beautiful expressions of the views of others has kintalati.

Also, going to meet the president revealed excellent performances of scenes that tell bandha. 8 years after the act, even when the same glow, tullalana acting, pretending to be young all different expressions of the same as he drew forget anything.

Jotikavukkuttan likely to act throughout the film, however, the occasional visit to the small scenes Rahman Nasser, Abhirami, MS Bhaskar, ilavaracu, Delhi Ganesh also carry out their performances given katapattirattirkuntana. Amrita’s daughter who plays Jyotika played better.

Although the winning film in Malayalam, Tamil has to conform to enjoy the beautiful screenplay and director rojan antruvs.

But, the picture is slightly toyvait film tarukirate go slowly, except racikkumpatiyakave has views of everything.

Santosh Narayanan music ‘faded Rajathi’ wacky song. Kolocciyirukkirar background music. Another great strength of the film’s cinematography tivakaran. His camera eye, with every scene of the film onrumpati made us special.

At the age of 36, “Women must be seen.